About us

Diamond jewellery by WORLD OF JEWELLERY as an offical Partner of DIAMONDGROUP is pure luxury for women. As one of the largest manufacturers in Europe, the jewelery maker we focus on uses only natural materials such as 750 gold in all colors, 950 platinum and 585 gold. The pieces are filled with the finest white diamonds. DiamondGroup creates luxury for every occasion with a focus on the style-conscious, modern woman.

The diamonds of these contemporary gems conjure every woman a sparkle in the eyes. We will gladly advise you to find your extravagant jewel from DiamondGroup.


Each of our pieces of jewelery is delivered with a certificate of authenticity and purity of the Diammondgroup. Material and weight of the diamonds are guaranteed.

ring collection

Our rings are unique and meet the highest demands.


Especially our bracelets please our customers very well. We manufacture these exactly to your desired length

Our very special and individual collection

You and each person are unique and individual. Your jewel should be as unique as you are. Therefore, we offer you the production of your very personal piece of jewelry and for it and for we take our time. We manufacture your piece of jewellery according to your ideas in very close and personal coordination with you. Just contact us and we will arrange an individual consultation with you.